Are you an Indigo Adult?

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Do You Share some of these Traits?


                         Are You An Indigo Soul???

  • Are You Depressed?
  • Are You Extremely Sensitive?
  • Are You Intuitive?
  • Do You Feel Different?
  • Does You’re Mind Race?
  • Do You Feel as if You Don't Fit In?
  • Do You Feel Like the Black Sheep of the Family?
  • Do You Have Symptoms of ADD or ADHD?
  • Do You Dwell on Situations for Days?


Are You Raising an Indigo Soul???

  • Does your child show symptoms of:
  • Does not like waiting in line?
  • Very Creative?
  • Multi-task?
  • Very Sensitive?
  • Very Intuitive?
  • Loves to Talk?
  • Spiritual Experiences?
  • Feels Certain KNOWING about the world



Are you going through the Global Awakening???


  • Do You Feel Depressed?
  • Do You Feel Anxious?
  • Do You Feel Worthless?
  • Are You Extremely Sensitive?
  • Do You Have Panic Attacks?
  • Do You Have Body Aches?
  • Can You Feel Other's Energy?
  • Are You Reliving Your Life?
  • Do You Feel Lost?
  • Do You Want to Be Left Alone?
  • Do Your Ears Ring?


These are some of the real symptoms of an Indigo Adult. Some occur while growing up, but others don't occur until adulthood. The only way to get accurate information is from other Indigo Adults. We have lived the life and have the ability to help both children and adults begin to use indigo energy productively. We may not have degrees, but we have something much more important - we have experience, and we have the heart to share our wisdom. Living with Indigo energy is not easy, but it is a gift, one that we should treasure and be proud of.

Importunely, others who can feel the energy can become threatened, others who do not have the same abilities or have been working for 30 years and still can not achieve the same abilities which we have been born into this world with become judgmental, jealous, threatening and even speak down to us. If you have family members or meet others who feel this way, do as I have done, stay away. Disconnect and cut cords, it is unfortunate that others need to behave this way. Pray to god and ask him/her to help them, and if you have encountered an argument with them, ask forgiveness to avoid karma. Love all and treat all with love, compassion, and empathy. But remember, not all will understand who we are, what they feel, and their feelings can even turn to hate, I know, my own sister hate’s me, I will not give her any power over me, I will just do God for her and ask him to help her.  Hate is an evil emotion, one that can consume a persons life, as lightworkers, we need to learn to stay away from this emotion, remember we are only human in the 3rd dimension, don’t stoop down to their level.


As an Indigo Adult,  I facilitate monthly Support Groups and Gatherings. 



For further information, or to hold a gathering in your area, please e-mail 

Or call Lisa at 908-963-2628



It may not be easy to live with Indigo Energy, 

 But I can say,  --- Its a Divine Gift!












If your answers to many of the above questions are "yes," then you may be living with Indigo Energy