Our Mission for Crystal Healing Foundation and Voices Around the World

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The Mission of the Crystal Healing Foundation and Voices Around the World

Our mission is to form a Foundation whose purpose will be to open Alternative Educational Centers, Holistic Centers and Spiritual Retreats in each state of the United States and ultimately around the Globe. To prepare for the "period of awakening," we must work to raise the consciousness of the world as a whole. This is too large of an undertaking for one person or one organization to accomplish alone. It can only be accomplished by many individuals and organizations working together to achieve common goals. The Foundation will be created of like-minded people, from all fields of holistic heath care, in an effort to switch the consciousness from drugging our children to finding alternative ways to enhance the gifts that they have been born with.

We are in the process of bringing together a team of visionaries from all over the globe. Yes, all over the Globe…The period of awakening is occuring all over the world, from the USA, Germany, Israel, So. Africa to the United Kingdom, and to every nook and cranny on the planet. Millions are responding to this time of awakening and, as a result, many share the same vision and are working to accomplish similar goals. The Foundation will seek to harness the energy of these like-minded people and organizations helping to make them into a powerful tool for raising consciousness.

The Indigo Energy is not as new as people seem to think. This energy has been in the world for thousands of years. These are Ancient Souls who have chosen to return to assist in the Global Awakening. The planet itself is shifting its vibration, and we are currently on the cusp between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius.  In order to ensure a smooth and harmonious tranisiton to a higher planetary vibration, humanity must learn to take personal responsibility for raising its own energy levels. Those who carry Indigo Energy have been asked to return at this time to assist in this process.  They have been returning for the past 200 hundred years. They are old souls, and this is why indigo children are so intelligent and creative…

We are blessed to have been born during a time when, as we begin to discover our life's purpose, we will be given God’s Grace via the opportunity to raise the energy of the planet and assist in bringing Heaven to Earth... What a gift…

We are visionaries and humanitarians - we cannot be ignored or pushed aside any longer…

We are "The Children of The Light"


If you would like to be part of Voices Around the World, please email me at lisa.bellini@gmail.com

Voices Around the World will begin speaking in a Panel Setting, after the Panel Speaks, the intent is to offer Classes, Attunements, Crystal and Energy Healings, and much more.

This is a Beginning of a Grassroots Movement, first Nationwide then Global.  We will need speakers, healers, and teachers of the Holistic Communities on a Global Scale to create a New Beginning before 2012. 

We also need people of every for photography, video, editing, publishing, people of all different talents, etc. Only together can we create a positive change.

The time has come and we can not wait any longer.  If we need to raise the planetary and individual vibration.


Lisa Bellini - Founder

Lisa Bellini is an internationally known Indigo Expert. Being an Indigo Forerunner, herself, this has led her to also become an intuitive spiritual channel, spiritual energy healer, Ordained Minister, Speaker and Teacher, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer Master, Teacher, Healer and Guide for the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light “Hierarchy of Light” on Holistic Wellness, freelance writer, Indigo Child Advocate and consultant. In 2006 she founded the Crystal Healing Foundation and created Peace Day / Kids Way to create public awareness for the Indigo Children. Lisa is producing a documentary designed to assist others in understanding the Indigo Energy and has participated in an International documentary on the Indigo Children. Lisa is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School and had developed and channeled a new healing modality for those of indigo energy and holistic practioners. Lisa holds classes and support groups for parents and teachers of Indigo Children and has a private practice, Crystal Healing Foundation, 15 North Morris St., Dover, NJ 07801 in Morris County, NJ. Lisa is the mother of a 17 year old Indigo Child.

For a private appointment or to register for one of our classes, please email Rita Regimbal.

We are also creating a “The Truth Behind Living with Indigo Energy” Documentary, the respond has been huge, if you would like to be part of this, please email Rita Regimbal at regimbal@optonline.net


Lory Coppola - Vice President

Embracing Life

Taking care of one's self is the very last thing on our list of "Things to Do." Whatever your life experience for this moment can only be changed by you!   Even the hardest of times can bring forth new found blessings and "rainbows." Each moment is an experience and each experience is a lesson. For some,  these lessons are extremely trying and difficult.  Be grateful for the good and the bad times because this is a learning point for you. With each lesson will come a healing.

The Huna Healing Center brings together different modalities to heal the Body, Mind and Spirit. Huna is one method of healing. It is an ancient Hawaiian practice which was originally called Ho'omana.  Ho'o means "to make" and Mana means "Life Force." Huna is also the empowerment to increase your metaphysical healing powers. Reiki which means " Universal Life Force Energy" is also another healing modality. It is a natural energy that is channeled through a Reiki Practitioners hands for the purpose of healing. It also promotes relaxation and stress reduction. The Huna Healing Center offers Reiki Healing as well as Reiki
Certification Workshops. Past Life Regression heals the mind and spirit which then heals the body. Regression is a technique that is used to go back into past lives for the
purpose of gaining information to help with a particular situation, illness, relationship or just knowledge of who you were. Regression is a gently guided deep trance state in which your unconscious  mind replays past live experiences. You are always aware and in control of your surroundings. The Huna Healing Center offers Group Past Life workshops and well as Past Life Regression Certification which will be available in spring of 2008

Spiritual Unity Network

The Spiritual Unity Network or SUN, is a non denominational, non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization founded to serve the interests of evolving humanity.

The SUN initially grew out of recognition of a need to embrace, acknowledge and appreciate the underlying unity and essential Oneness of all spiritual paths and traditions. This aspect of our work continues and has been accomplished primarily through community education programs designed to awaken and enlighten a humanity weary of religious separatism, dogmatism and fanaticism. The SUN�s further evolution emerged from a growing awareness on the part of its founders that spiritual unity involves more than the mutual appreciation of various spiritual traditions.