Lemurian Seed Crystals and Healing

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I am so honored to add this article. At every Indigo Gathering and Crystal Pyramid Technique, I mention the Lemurian Crystal. I not only use this crystal for healing, but I tell the story about Lemuria. There is a connection between the Indigos and Lemuria, so many of the Indigos feel this connection.  These crystals were placed in the ground long ago, as a grid. When the grid broke, it is said that the energy began to awaken the Indigo Adults. Along with the Crystals, I also use a blend of an Essential Oil I created. I have one for the CPT to riase the vibration, and I also made one for Children with ADD & ADHD. With this oil I anoint the feet as the feet are a trigger point for your entire body, These trigger points lead right into the blood stream. A lot of physicans are stating that fatty oils are missing from our children's diets. The base oil for my essential oil blends is olive oil, which ensures that  the fatty oil is brought back into the body. The other oils used in the blend help center us.  Christine, a friend of mine, applied this blend to her aggitated daughter's feet, and her daughter immediately regained balance and calm. Essential oils are not addicting, they are not harmful and they work fast.  If you think about it, long ago we walked barefoot. As we walked on the roots, flowers and even herbs, the oil would go within our body naturally. Now we are not walking on nature anymore, so why not bring nature back to us?



Recently I attended the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Show. This was my first time attending this annual event sponsored by the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Society. I was delighted to discover crystals of rare quality and value on display at the show. The world class specimens available for sale were truly impressive.

On arriving, I was immediately drawn to a booth of exquisite crystals owned by a couple from
Mount Shasta
. My acupuncture friend who accompanied me to the event was especially interested in purchasing a Vogel crystal, a precision crafted healing instrument.

I fell into a lively conversation with my new friend from
Mount Shasta, a woman named Nan
, bombarding her with my numerous questions about healing with gemstones and crystals. She was a veritable fountain of practical information.

As I spoke with
Nan about my work and what I was looking for, she pulled out her treasure box of Vogel crystals. She lifted the lid and I was awed by the Vogel crystals I saw inside. Her collection of Vogels, except for one, were rather large instruments and all were optic, completely clear with no inclusions, making them extremely powerful and highly valued, as clear crystals have the largest capacity for healing. They had serendipitously come to Nan
by way of a Vogel dealer in Sweden.

As I held the Vogels, one by one I could feel their force for generating and amplifying energy as it coursed through my body. It was an awesome experience!

I handled the smallest Vogel crystal and considered purchasing it, the price was affordable. Most of the Vogel crystals
offered for sale were priced at several hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Continuing to ask questions, I spoke about the vision for my work and my interest to amplify my results obtained in practice, as well as using crystals to enhance the effects of PurePlant Essentials by transferring the energy of gemstones and crystals into the oils.
lit up like a light bulb as I spoke and showed me her treasured collection of Lemurian Seed Crystals, sharing her story about them, and how they were found and their purpose.

After much deliberation, holding and sensing each of the Lemurian Seed Crystals generating and amplification capacity for healing, I finally chose two that seemed perfectly aligned with me and my intent for doing healing work.

The Lemurian Seed Crystals were apparently discovered in
along the face of a hillside where Quartz crystal was being strip-mined. These naturally formed generators and amplifiers of energy were found alone, partially buried in sand. They were single, or seed crystals, meaning they were not attached to clusters as other quartz is found to be in that area.

Because of this anomaly, these Lemurian Seed Crystals immediately got attention. Most of the crystals were suffused with a pink or reddish glow and, instead of being shiny, like most clear quartz, they were frosty or dull, appearing to have a matte-like finish.

What sets these crystals apart from any I have ever seen is their characteristically unique series of horizontal striations that run up one, or more sides of the crystal. Most, but not all, of these horizontal striations end in a triangular face that forms the apex of the crystal.

Both of my Lemurian Seed Crystals have at least three or more sides with horizontal striations and are optic, completely clear with no inclusions, giving them the largest capacity for healing that a crystal can have. Both of them also form an apex at the top of the crystal, which is helpful for directing Chi or life force energy flow, as well as drawing in or pulling out energy, depending on the requirements of the situation.

It is believed that these Lemurian Seed Crystals were left by the Lemurians, an ancient race that seeded our planet eons ago, who departed from earth when conditions became too inhospitable and life could no longer be sustained.

The legend goes that the vast majority of Lemurians left Planet Earth for other star systems, while others elected to remain and continue to dwell in other dimensions of our "inner" earth's system, acting as guardians and protectors for the seed of our human race.

It is these "inner" earth dwellers who are thought to be responsible for the discovery of these Lemurian Seed Crystals at this time. It is also thought that the Lemurian dwellers of "inner" earth continue to maintain a clear and conscious telepathic connection with their fellow Lemurians who traveled eons ago to other star systems.

This highly evolved race of beings continue to preserve and thrive from their unity consciousness. The Lemurian Seed Crystals carry the wisdom of unity consciousness and have not, as yet, been fully activated. Since their discovery, they have been attracted to people who are actively assisting in anchoring the energies that will aid our planet to grow in awareness of the primal unity of all things.

I have been frequently engaging with the energy of my Lemurian Seed Crystals since their arrival. I experience them as powerful allies that are activating an opening of my heart chakra. They seem specifically attuned to clearing, balancing and charging each of my chakras and the interrelationships between my chakras.

The more aligned and open I become to the Lemurian Seed Crystals' energy transmissions for unity consciousness, the more they affect a transformation and healing of my being.

In the next issue of Health Mastery Ezine, I will speak more about the legend of the Lemurian Seed Crystals, as well as discuss my empirical findings when using them in practice, and how I am using them to amplify the effects of Pure Plant Essentials.

 By KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT
Mike Eggleston